Friday, 24 April 2009

Seminar : Parallel Universe

"It is a regular day. One of 365, 24-hour days during the year. We examine a very particular species on this forgotten planet, this week; a continuing study in a series of weekly projects documenting the differences and particularities in the process of hunting in different Earth species.

Homo sapiens, or humans, have developed a most intricate way of hunting. So much so, that they have redefined it. As most do not regard themselves as animals, due to their belief that having conscience and intuition separates them from the 'animal' world, their hunt has transcended past obtaining a source of food and surviving. The key difference between the human species and the rest of living organisms on this strange planet, is that humans do not hunt to survive. As other organisms hunt to fight the forces of nature, predators, and each other, humans stand their ground. They no longer hunt for their food, but have developed a system similar to trading over their centuries of existance, where money, a somewhat standardized, printed material equates to the value of their food.

When at first, humans hunted much like other species, they have redefined their hunting techniques and their definition of food. Food to them now, is not only a source of energy which they ingest - food has become everything else around them:
their wishes, their envy, the material objects, even each other. They have become so twisted in their game of hunting that their luxuries have been intertwined with their necesseties. The simplest way of comparison would be to look back at last month's penguin special. The male of the species carry the egg for months on end until summer comes without food or rest while the females gather food for the young. Humans have made sleep and their equivalents of food a desperate necessity

Their techniques are broad and vary. They strategize, they play games, they are able to get others involved whether directly or indirectly, to get what they want. Their system is quite efficient but has had an immense toll on their surroundings and on the species itself. The Human Species of Earth will be a 40-part series starting tomorrow. Be sure to join us for the next episode where we examine homo sapien history to explain where the line between necessity and luxury was erased."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes the seminar for today. Be sure to report to Sector 5 before leaving the facility - sun flares have been calculated to have surpassed the protective capability of our thermal visual films. You must have them updated, otherwise blindness will be the consequence. Thank you very much... your essays are due on my desk in 3 days. Goodbye."